SPS continue helping City & Country on their Analytics Journey in 2023, and onwards:


Single Point Solutions are delighted to be continuing our working partnership with City & Country through 2023 and onwards.  City & Country are UK’s leading, award winning heritage developer.

Their mission statement is –

City & Country has a desire and genuine passion to viably conserve, restore and newly create Britain’s architectural heritage. Embracing the best of the present, through exceptional design and build standards, we sensitively add value to very special places; to be enjoyed today and be cherished by future generations.

The Group takes an entrepreneurial and design led approach that is anchored by common sense, agility, an innate feel for markets and the creation of value. This means we can spot opportunities, where others do not, and act quickly and decisively to evaluate them. This, coupled with a close attention to detail, ensures that creating lasting value is at the very heart of our decision making.







A long time user of the COINS ERP solution, City & Country have always looked to optimiser their use of the system and of the data held within in.  Alice Pichel, Head of IT Systems and Development at City & Country, outlines how COINS supports their day to day business processes:


“We have been using COINS for over 10 years and we run pretty much the whole business on COINS.  From managing Construction costs to selling our properties through to managing customer care issues, we use COINS across the organisation.  The capturing of data is part of our everyday lives and we see the value in leveraging this data to help run the business.”


SPS have been helping City & Country deliver their Analytics and Business Intelligence requirements for over 8 years.  Over this time we have delivered a range of SQL datasets and Power BI reports that are helping identify key actionable insights across the business. With City & Country now using the COINS Analytics on Azure solution, SPS have deployed our Analytics based Business Logic Layer on their Azure SQL platform.  The SPS DTL has been designed to allow clients who have in house technical capabilities to their own reports, with little or no help from SPS.

Alice highlights how SPS have helped the business over the years:

“We have been working with SPS now for over 8 years.  Over this time they have provided us with a range of services, and more importantly are always on hand to offer advice and guidance on how to deliver information back to the business.  Over this time they have provided specialist services and helped us to deliver a range of reports and Business Intelligence dashboards that have been used widely across the business.”  


Alice goes on to outline how the SPS “toolkit” allows her to develop her own reports, in a fraction of the time it would take if trying to do it all herself:

“Since implementing COINS Analytics, SPS have deployed elements of their Data Transformation Layer (DTL) that sits over the top of the COINS SQL database.  The DTL effectively gives me a platform, or toolkit, that I use to develop a range of end user reports myself.  Without out this platform I would never be able to provide the business with the reports and insights they need in a time or cost effective way.  As part of the support agreement with SPS, not only do they make sure things are working as they should, they are also on hand to make tweaks and changes to the SQL based DTL datasets so I can produce the reports the business needs, in a fraction of time it would normally take.”


SPS are the only Trusted COINS Partner for Analytics.  SPS have over a decade of experience in helping clients manage risk within their businesses through the use of data.  SPS use the Microsoft reporting stack to combine data from all the systems used across an organisation to deliver the necessary actionable insights to the people who need them, through the deployment of specifically designed end user reports and dashboards.  The solutions are designed to help clients move away from just measuring their businesses, to a position where they can control their businesses.

What sets SPS apart, from other BI providers, is our vast experience and expertise of in working within the Construction Industry, we understand Construction and the challenges that Companies working in the industry face on a day to day basis, because we are Construction people.

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