The accuracy, consistency and relevance of the data held in your Construction based ERP system is crucial to not only the integrity of the system but also the potential performance of your Business.

SPS provide a range of Data Services that ensure that Construction and House Building Companies have up to date system wide coding structures that are aligned to current business requirements.  The new coding is applied across all current historic transactions in the system, ensuring that business and reporting continuity is maintained and aligned with the new structure.

Why put up with historic, out of date coding that causes increased overhead on transaction processing and reporting tasks?


Your ERP system was configured a number of years ago to reflect the business requirements of the organisation as it was then.  New lines of business have been added, new business units acquired, and new solutions (eg: e-Procurement) have been implemented, all of which have resulted in coding requirements changing in order to support these business changes.

The result is that your system now:

  • Has a fragmented coding structure across all areas
  • Has historic transactions not aligned with the current coding structure
  • Creates confusion for users due to to the different coding options being available
  • Makes reporting difficult and labour intensive (heavily reliance on Excel to consolidate and align data across the different coding structures!)
  • Ultimately is no longer fit for purpose

SPS Solution:

An SPS Coding Restructure project reviews the coding across all business units and identifies where a simplified and standardised structure could be introduced.  This new coding structure is then applied to all transactional data (including historic transactions) in the identified companies to maintain full business and reporting continuity.

SPS follows a rigorous three-tier testing methodology, with each test phase being checked and signed off by the client, to safeguard business continuity and maintaining data integrity.

  • Systems Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Pre-Production Testing



The recoded system is in complete alignment with current business requirements.  It provides increased transparency and control across all business streams, by providing  a single up to date, fit for purpose, coding structure that is also applied to all historic transactions.  This alignment of data will enable a standardised reporting and Business Intelligence  approach to be employed across the business.

Key Benefits of the SPS system re-coding Approach are:


  • Ensure the client’s system is aligned with current organisational and operational business structures and requirements
  • Consolidating, updating and standardising coding structures across modules and companies
  • Reduce keying errors by ensuring only the relevant coding is available to end users
  • Improve the relevance of reporting to the business ‘as it is now’
  • Improve Business Information analysis


SPS have carried out many successful data re-coding projects within particular success within the COINS user base.  The re-coding projects enable clients to effectively re-implement their COINS systems and thus create improved efficiencies and transparency across the organisations.

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