SPS are the Construction Business Intelligence experts.  We enable Construction and House Building Clients to build robust governed data sources that drive organisation wide reporting and Business Intelligence solutions. These solutions then enable clients to unlock the value held within their data by ensuring end users have access to up to date, relevant reports and dashboards that can help assess current position and drive improved performance in the future.  These solutions will also greatly reduce the Excel overhead within the organisation and ensure that analysis and decisions are being made from a single source of the truth.

Data Transformation

Data Transformation: 

The design and development of a data warehouse is the foundation of driving a governed data source and hence the right reports and dashboards.  A deep understanding of the raw tables and data held with an ERP solution is needed to develop the right Operational Data Stores and analytics cubes.  Once this resource has been developed the data can then be made available to end users to allow them to slice and dice the data to meet their own specific requirements.

Report and Dashboard Design

Report and Dashboard Design: 

The design of your dashboards and standardised reports is critical to ensure that the analysis and metrics can be easily seen and understood.

Business Intelligence should drive actions when problems are seen:

  • What has happened?
  • Why has it happened?
  • What can we do to make it better?
  • What should we action now to avoid possible future issues ?

Key Benefits:

The benefits of employing SPS to carry out their Specialist Reporting and Business Intelligence services are:

  • Deep understanding of Construction Industry and its requirements for dashboards and KPI measurements
  • Expertise and knowledge of all things data
  • Expertise and knowledge of the latest technologies and Business Intelligence solutions
  • Increased speed to market of solutions to the user base
  • Improved ROI of chosen Business Intelligence platforms
  • Remove barriers to entry for all sizes and complexities of business wanting to us Business Intelligence

SPS have developed a range of MS SQL based data warehouses and designed end user reports and dashboards across a range of tools including Excel,  PowerBI,  DevExpress, Pyramid Analytics. 

SPS have particular expertise in providing data warehousing solutions from the COINS database, helping COINS users unlock the value of the data held within their systems.  By providing access to the data from across the system we then enable them to design a range of reports and dashboards to fulfill organisation wide reporting and BI requirements directly from the SQL based managed data source.

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