SPS enable Construction and House Building Companies to restructure their existing Construction based ERP systems to bring them into alignment with their current organisational and / or operational requirements.  The consolidation of similar business units allows the client to streamline business processes and provides processing efficiencies whilst at the same time improving transparency and control in the newly consolidated system.

Where the current system is no longer meeting expectations, SPS provide clients the ability to effectively re-implement their current system quickly and easily which reduces the potential of having to go down the highly expensive and time consuming process of sourcing, procuring and implementing a whole new system.

Current Situation:

Due to business growth or acquisition, the organisation may now have multiple companies across one or more systems.  The overall system is fragmented as each company or system uses it’s own coding, with transactional history linked to that coding.


The fragmented system structure, and data therein, is reviewed and a new consolidated coding and company structure is designed to enable similar business units to be merged and thus provide a streamlined system.

Coding is aligned and unified across the identified companies (and systems) that are to be merged to cater for data to be brought across from the different companies. The historical data of source companies is then transferred into the new consolidated company.

Consolidation of data from identified companies (or systems) is under taken in order to create the newly designed system structure.

The SPS three tier testing methodology ensures business continuity for both the source and target business units.


The re-implemented system is now available.  The newly consolidated company contains all the data, re-coded in line with the new coding structure, from each of the source companies.  Any company not part of the merge process remains untouched and operational as before.

The resulting system allows the business to proceed with a “One Business, One Solution” configuration, enabling procedures to be streamlined whilst increasing transparency and control across the organisation.

The Key Benefits of undertaking an SPS System re-structure project are:
  • Brings the current systems into alignment with current business and operational requirements
  • Enables standardised coding structures to be implemented across the system(s)
  • Helps to streamline business processes
  • Increases transparency across business streams
  • Helps to reduces overhead by enabling centralised processing units to be implemented easily
  • Reduces reporting lag
  • Reduces the need to migrate to a new system


SPS have carried out a number of major system re-structuring projects with particular success within the COINS user base.  The re-structuring of the system allows the clients to effectively re-implement their COINS solution to fit their current requirements.

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