The Excel Overhead

Many Construction and House Building Companies are overly reliant on Excel to provide operational and management reports.  SPS are the Construction Business Intelligence and Reporting experts.  We enable clients to reduce the Excel “overhead” by providing data directly to the end user in the format they want at a click of a button.


Can you afford not use accurate, up to date data to drive your business decisions?

Current Situation:

  • The data in your ERP System is not easily available and you are heavily reliant on Excel to collate, process and produce key company reports.
  • Some of your data exists outside of the ERP solution
  • Numerous spreadsheets are in place that result in data governance being difficult to implement and maintain.
  • Reporting across all areas of the business is difficult and often sporadic due to the time and resource required to generate the reports.

As a result it is difficult to see a timely and accurate view of your business performance.


Data is extracted from your ERP System into a SQL data warehouse, hosted either in Azure or in an on premise platform. The “operational” based system data is then transformed, in line with Business logic, validation and business requirements, to create a series of data warehouse tables that can drive all the reporting and Business Intelligence requirements across the business.  This single governed data source then becomes the source for all end user reports and dashboards.

SPS uses open market solutions (Microsoft and others), low cost or free to distribute to all users.  This enables all levels of the business to have access to the information relevant to their own area of responsibility, without undue licencing or tuition costs.


Reports and dashboards are available to the business at the click of a button on PC’s, tablets or mobile devices.   Users can then consume and interrogate the data to suit their own requirements, secure in the knowledge that the data is correct.  From a senior management perspective, full transparency of the build up of reported figures becomes available.

Key Benefits:


The key benefits of undertaking a SPS lead Reporting and Business Intelligence project are:
  • Provide Construction focused solutions
  • Provide agile fast paced solutions delivering immediate business benefits
  • Provide a single governed data source across all data sources
  • Provide valuable reports and insights into your business performance
  • Reduce the Excel “overhead”
  • Provide “single click of a button” consolidated reporting platform
  • Provide a platform for standard end user tools
  • Remove barriers to entry to allow good Reporting & BI to be available to all sizes of company

SPS have undertaken a range of Reporting and Business Intelligence projects with particular success within the COINS client base. These projects range from the development and management of SQL based data warehouses up to the full provision and management of total end to end Business Intelligence solutions.


SPS are firm believers that the size and scale of a Business should never be a barrier to good Reporting and Business Intelligence!

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