Carillion – what next for the projects?

The sad demise of Carillion will no doubt lead to a range of opportunities for contractors across the industry to respond in filling the “Carillion-sized” gap in the construction and services work still to be completed. As is the case with all new business acquisitions, the commercial and financial teams involved in bidding for the work will no doubt be focused on the commercial and financial due diligence exercise, however as is often the case they neglect the systems impact of taking on jobs (and assets) mid-way through execution. This can lead to a situation where the work is not properly integrated into the acquiring company’s systems with the consequent ill effects on short term efficiency of transaction processing and cost management, and long-term effects on the overall integrity of the reporting, monitoring and control of the contracts in the acquiring company’s systems.

At SPS our view is that as soon as data volumes reach more than a few hundred rows, it is worth organising a properly thought-out and tested data load process. This avoids the disruption and confusion of manual re-keying with consequent random errors, omissions and quality failures associated with this method of data migration. The work of sorting out take-on data may not be glamorous, but is an essential first step to getting smooth procedures and accurate management reporting in place for the duration of the contract.

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